2009 SUM Yearly Honors and Service Awards

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At the 2010 SUM State Clinic, Saturday March 6 at CCBC Catonsville, the following awards were announced:


2009 Recognition

2009 Umpire of the Year 

Gary Fillmann

10 Years of Service

Dennis Artman, Mike Behrens, Joann Brickwedde, Keith Brown, Curt Bucklew, John Calamari, Jim Carberry, Randy Chapman, John Dye, Gary Fillmann, Bruce Gibbs, Jim Groninger, Jake Jacobs, Don Kail, Ron Lord, John Moore, Sam Neubauer, Dave Ruest, Bob Shepard, Steve Sholkoff, Bill Prunkl

Rookie of the Year

Scott Howser

Steadfast & Stanch

Rick Morris, Gary Fillmann, Mark Habighurst, Keith Brown, Mike Behrens, John Calamari

Most Tournaments UICed,

Art Williams

100+ Game Club

Bob Davis, Scott Howser

Most Times Over the Bridge,

Mike Luongo, Horace Ellingsworth, Milt Shiles, Steve Buchly, David Wilson


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