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Who we are:

The group, known as the Umpire Advisory Team, is comprised of 7 members of the Softball Umpires of Maryland currently officiating Softball.  Each has a minimum of 3 years experience & has participated in advanced tournaments within the association.



The team is charged with interfacing between the individual umpire & S.U.M. leadership and/or the current governing body for which the group officiates (as of 2014, U.S.S.S.A.).  The purpose of group is to identify issues/concerns & provide solutions for which the outcome will strengthen the overall umpiring experience.



1)      Build morale within the current association of umpires.

2)      Provide a “sounding board” to every umpire to voice problems for potential resolution.

3)      Enhance the retention of umpires within the ranks.


Members of the U.A.T. are:


Advisory Members


Minutes June 19, 2018

Minutes August 9, 2017



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