2016 SUM Yearly Honors and Service Awards

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At the 2018 SUM State Clinic, Saturday March 3 at CCBC Catonsville, the following awards were announced:


2017 Recognition

2017 Umpire of the Year  Damon Williams
2017 UIC of the Year  John Calamari

10 Years of Service

J.D. Bridges, Wayne Bunk, Mark Habighurst, Scott Hobbs, Matt Jolly, Todd Patrick, Tom Twombly

15 Years of Service

Leon Cardiff, Jack Westermeyer

Rookie of the Year

Mike Lembach

Most Improved

Tali Lemus, Joe Holonich
Newcomer of the Year Ron Crescini
Future Star Julie Barnes
Extra Effort Dwight Hirota
Above & Beyond Ron Ludwig
Most Dependable Leo Muldoon

200+ Game Club

Tim Stevens (216)

150+ Game Club

Damon Williams (153), Rick Morris (160), Joe Holonich (179), Leo Muldoon (180)

100+ Game Club

Al Nalley, Milton Young, Mike Reid, Bruce Eikenberg, Mike Behrens
Jonathon Rowley, Dwight Hirota, Rodger Leasure
Tali Lemus, Doug Tucker, John Novak, George Jones
Ron Crescini, Michael Braswell, John Riis, David Conroy, Tom Twombly, Ryan Iandolo, Dave Pabst, Carroll Brown, Ron Ludwig, Janes Doffermyer
Tom Smith, Keith Burton, Tony Cossentino
To the Rescue Tony DeFazio, David Wilson, John Wright

Helping Hand

Delaware: Charlie Casey, LeRoy Black, Deb Hauth, Roland Jones, David Hare, Stephen White
Pennsylvania: David O'Dell 
Virginia: Ryan Iandolo, Eric Stiles, Ronnie Edwards, Tony DeBois


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